Somos la primera institución afiliada a Acton Academy en Perú y Sudamérica. 

Escogimos Acton Academy porque es un programa reconocido que comparte nuestros principios y filosofía. Tiene ya casi 10 años de experiencia y una red de micro escuelas alrededor del mundo que se nutren unas de otras.

Luego de un intenso y revelador proceso de audición en 2017, en Setiembre fuimos invitados a ser parte de la red de Acton Academy.  Esto es un orgullo para nosotros, pues en todo el tiempo que viene funcionando, Acton Academy solo ha aceptado a unos 50 afiliados de entre los 5,900 aproximadamente que iniciaron su audición. 

Dear Ines,

Laura and I enjoyed reading every word of your audition to launch an Acton Academy in Lima (and hopefully many more!). As such, we are delighted to extend to you a formal invitation to join the Acton Academy network.

Your dedication to your son, your commitment to innovative learning and your sheer perseverance add up to all the right qualities in an Acton owner, including the vision we all share.

Being chosen is not a small thing, since we’ve accepted only 50 or so final auditions out of the 5900 people who have submitted an initial inquiry.

Attached is a formal Welcome Letter, which outlines the next steps moving forward, and also serves as our agreement. We look forward to coordinating your visit for an Orientation Day in Austin, hopefully soon.

All our best,
— Laura and Jeff

Parent testimonials from acton academy austin

I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other – until I saw it with my own eyes. The lessons of self management and self governance have prepared our fifth grade son to be a lifelong learner.
Our daughter loves learning at Acton. She can’t wait to share her day the moment she jumps into the car. I’m so grateful to see a love for learning come back into her eyes.