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Session 4 - Jacques Cousteau Marine Science Quest

This session, you get to play the role of Earth Explorer marine scientists!
On this quest, you will explore ocean currents and waves, biodiversity on coral reefs, the deep sea, and the open ocean. Even though we are far from the sea, we are going to bring it to our studio! As you explore each week, you’ll be given different challenges that, when completed, will earn you a different animal card that will level you up. The levels are Krill, Octopus, Tuna, Shark, and Whale. These levels will prepare you for the final challenge at the end of the quest: Under the Sea Jeopardy! Jeopardy! is a trivia game, and we’ll learn more about that next time. The teams who reach Shark Level will get to participate, teams who get to the Whale Level get to start with a $300 advantage, and the winning team gets the grand prize. There will also be prizes for second and third place.

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Break 3
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Exhibition 4